Social Perspectives

Public opinion analysis

CiviQ provides both software and consulting to identify and visualise underlying perspectives in the natural flow of opinion on an issue with stakeholders.  The process supports deeper understanding of an issue for effective consultations. 

During a consultation opinion statements are collected from areas where citizens participate on and offline. During consultation meetings citizens can also contribute statements using a tablet (e.g. iPad) or via mobile phones. An initial sample of diverse stakeholders participate to rank the statements using a particular sorting method. Once diversity of stakeholders is captured, the study is made available for broad participation online. Results are analysed and underlying opinion structure is identified. The results are visualised and participants are asked to validate that the way in which their opinions map across perspectives are accurately represented.



CiviQ’s approach is a democratic and inclusive process for generating bottom up public opinion knowledge. The methodology ensures equality in the representation of all perspectives on an issue.

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